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What we do

Data visualization is the process of converting data insights into interactive and intelligent dashboards, charts, and graphs that can be integrated into reports. At CloudMoyo, we help businesses leverage data visualization solutions. With our deep expertise in building intuitive and interactive dashboards equipped with data analytics, we enable businesses to make smart decisions through real-time monitoring and visual exploration.

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We help businesses gain insights with data analytics, business intelligence dashboards, data visualization, and business intelligence tools. This empowers users to generate reports, run queries, conduct analysis, share insights, and collaborate with others, driving improvements in business processes and performance. 

Data visualization integration

Integration of visualization tools to accumulate, classify, and create one single source of truth in an intuitive and interactive manner

Visual reporting and storytelling

Analyze the current reporting structure and enhance it with required metrics and details to meet reporting needs

Self-service BI

Empowering users to customize their own dashboards and reports

What-if analysis

Modeling scenarios, predicting outcomes, and making intelligent actions

Geo visualization

Support customers in analyzing geospatial data through intuitive and visually appealing dashboards

Data visualization consulting

Help users understand how to convert raw data into insights in real-time in order to gain competitive advantages

Get started with Power BI with a rapid, 2-week proof of concept


CloudMoyo offers a comprehensive kit of data visualization services that includes:

Power BI proof of concept

Power BI implementation

Power BI workshops

Success story

Financial service provider responds better to market trends using Power BI

CloudMoyo helped a leading tax filing company to architect data models and deploy Power BI to reduce latency in monitoring regional sales performance across 10,000 retail locations. The solution, using Microsoft Data Platform and Power BI provided scalability, transparency, security, and performance in addition to deep insights to various data sources and metrics. Some of the results of this solution include: 

  • A scalable cloud BI architecture for consolidating a huge amount of            data
  • Uninterrupted, peak season performance for 300+ concurrent users
  • Quicker response to market trends or sales exceptions

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"CloudMoyo helped design and deploy the next generation analytics solution which has empowered our teams to respond faster to market opportunities, helping us improve our overall performance"

- Director, Business Intelligence at a Fortune 500 company